Prestressing Tool Systems

STRECON is delivering prestressing tool systems for different high-pressure applications like cold, warm and hot forging of components for the automotive industry, precision bar drawing, high pressure synthesis of industrial diamonds/CBN, high-pressure experiments applied at universities and research centers, and other high-pressure applications. The product is known as the STRECON container, which comes in different designs and sizes depending on the application and need.

The STRECON container is designed and manufactured on the merits of the stripwinding technology. A special high-strength steel strip material is wound around the center core of the container, and this method delivers about twice the strength compared to a normal compression ring. Due to the high strength, the STRECON container can optimize the prestressing of the die / inner core without losing its own dimensions and performance over time. The STRECON container is the strongest prestressing tool system available on the market, and can be reused many times.

Our aim is to make the stripwound tool systems even more affordable, robust and still of highest quality to the benefit of our customers worldwide. Currently, we are introducing standard container solutions for the metal forging industry.

The STRECON container is a prestressing tool system, which is based on the stripwinding technology and offers the following technical advantages:


A STRECON container is typically twice as strong as normal compression rings as the strip material remains fully elastic up to 2000 MPa. In addition, the strip material has twice the level of elastic elongation compared to normal tool steel materials. During the strip winding process the back tension of the 0,1 mm thick steel strip material is controlled and results - in reality - in a prestressing system with constant stress across the radius under load. No other system can offer such strength, and therefore minimizes the risk of overloading the prestressing tool. In short, the STRECON container system is the strongest prestressing technology available in the market.


A STRECON container can be reused for a very long period with no loss of prestressing capability over time (i.e. no or very limited plastic expansion of the container ID).


Due to the high strength provided by the stripwinding technology, the interference fit of the forging die would always be the same from die to die - as decided by the tool designer.


Optimal prestressing of the forging die often requires a higher level of prestressing than obtainable with normal compression rings. This can be obtained and repeatable ensured with a STRECON container, and even at extreme levels of prestressing like 1% interference fit - when needed.


The strength of a stripwound container allows for flexible use of the same container for various forging dies in geometry and sizes.



The strip material and the winding process itself makes it possible to use a carbide inner ring in the STRECON container. In such container designs the effective E Module (i.e. Young’s Modulus) can be obtained in the range of 375 – 400 GPa, and reduce the physical deflection of a steel forging die as much as 30%.

Cost effective

Thanks to the technical advantages of the stripwinding technology, an adoption of the STRECON tool system could prove to be very cost effective. The system typically delivers overall cost savings in the range of 25-40%.

Princip structure

 The principal structure of a STRECON Stripwound Container

Loadbility of tool system.png

Loadability of tool systems