Development activities

STRECON has a long tradition in undertaking research & development activities. It all started back in the 80’ies with the development and maturation of the stripwinding technology for optimal prestressing of cold forging dies. The prestressing tool system is also known as the STRECON container. Over the years the stripwinding technology has been developed for the design and manufacture of prestressing tool systems for different high-pressure applications such as:


  • Precision forging (cold, warm and hot),

  • High-pressure synthesis of industrial diamonds / CBN,

  • High-pressure experiments at universities and laboratories and

  • Precision bar drawing.


Currently, STRECON is working on developing a new kind of a tool system that allows for the dynamic opening and closing of the inner diameter of the forming die. The tool system has been named Dyna-Fit, and the idea is to open the die just enough to allow and ensure a friction free ejection or push-out of the part after completing the part pressing. Initially, Dyna-Fit will be developed for special powder compaction and cold forging applications.

In recent times STRECON has applied the stripwinding technique for prestressing of press frames, which go into our compact hydraulic press unit for tool assembly/disassembly and fine adjustment of the inner die diameter. Currently, the technology has been applied to tool assembly presses up to 500T in press force.

As a new field of technology, STRECON has taken up the challenge of developing a machine system for surface polishing. The idea is to transfer the majority of manual polishing of dies and moulds, and even some machine components, to a robot based machine system that can ensure a uniform, consistent and repeatable surface quality of the polished parts. The technology has been named RAP and stands for Robot Assisted Polishing. RAP has been applied in industry for polishing of rotation-symmetric tools and moulds (e.g. dies and punches for precision forging, deep drawing, extrusion and sizing, plastic injection moulding, and others). STRECON is currently developing RAP for surface polishing of parts with 3D cavities.