STRECON was originally founded on the technology of stripwinding and applied as prestressing system for cold forging dies. Over the years the technology base of the company has been further developed and matured as prestressing tool systems for a number of different high-pressure applications:

  • Cold, warm, and hot precision forging,

  • Axial forming of high-precision splines

  • Dynamic tool system for the final compaction and product assembly

  • Precision bar drawing

  • High-pressure synthesis of industrial diamonds / CBN

  • High-pressure experiments

  • And other industrial applications

Our prestressing tool systems are engineered and designed on the basis of in-house developed analytical programs. FEM is usually applied for complex project applications.

In recent years the technology of stripwinding has been applied to the prestressing of press frames and mainly applied for STRECON’s own hydraulic presses for tool assembly, disassembly and fine tool adjustment.

Also in recent years STRECON has developed a robot machine system for surface polishing of industrial tools and machine components. We have named the technology for RAP – Robot Assisted Polishing. The idea is to move over the manual, unilateral and backbreaking work to a machine system, which is programmed, set and controlled by a skilled operator. The machine technology is available for 2D polishing and in development for 3D polishing.

In addition to our own products, STRECON is developing and delivering special tool and machinery solutions for single customers. Unfortunately, we cannot feature these customized solutions on our homepage.

STRECON has a long tradition to work together with universities in Denmark and in other countries as well as the development departments of our customers. Patent protection have been and still is pursued for most promising and innovative developments.