STRECON Vari-Fit Container

Container design

The STRECON Vari-Fit container is a special prestressing tool system that is designed for a safe and fully controlled fine adjustment of the inner diameter of a cold precision forging die. The die diameter is adjusted in few microns (2-5 μm) by means of an intermediate die sleeve, which is mounted between the production die and the STRECON container. The conical die sleeve is moved in controlled steps in the vertical direction (i.e. up or down) while the height position of the production die remains in the same position (i.e. fixed). The die diameter is adjusted by varying the effective radial prestressing of the forging die.


The STRECON Vari-Fit container is an extension of the STRECON Axi-Fit container, and usually made with a carbide winding core. This provides a prestressing tool system with a stiffness of approx. 400 GPa.


Use in industry

The STRECON Vari-Fit system is an integrated tool system of the axial forming machine, which has been developed by the well-known machine maker Felss Systems. The machine is branded Aximus and offers a unique machine system for cold forging of high-quality net-shape splines.


The tool system is also applied to special precision forging applications, where tight part tolerances can be achieved by reducing the overall deflection of the tool system, or when a need exists for adjusting the inner diameter of the production die due to variations in the billet material, or wear and micro-plastic deformation of the die from use in the production.

Principle of STRECON Vari-Fit Container system:
Main tool body & pressure pad.

FELSS splines examples.png
Examples of splines formed with STRECON Vari-Fit

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