STRECON Container for HATEBUR AMP/HM machines

Container design

The STRECON container is designed specifically for the HATEBUR hot forging machines known as the AMP50, AMP70, and the HM75 models. The STRECON container is like any other STRECON container made by the stripwinding technique and is up to 50% stronger than the conventional prestressing tools. This feature ensures a container system with an extended service life.

The increased strength of the STRECON container designed for the HATEBUR machines offers a prestressing system that allows for higher compressive support of the forging die, and use of die materials with improved wear resistance properties. These design features advocate for improved tool performance and an extended service life of the forging die – leading to improved uptime of the HATEBUR machine and reduced tools costs.

The STRECON container for the HATEBUR hot forging machines can be made with the standard Strip200 material, or the steel strip material with enhanced heat resistance properties Strip400. The specific container design would be modified to the HATEBUR machine of the individual customer.


Use in industry

This STRECON container for the HATEBUR machines is a direct alternative to the conventional compression tools, and in particular suitable for forging operations involving high internal tool loads.

There are no restrictions on which type of die shapes, which can be prestressed with the STRECON container. The container can be used for small batches as well as mass production of large production orders.

STRECON container for HATEBUR AMP / HM machines

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