STRECON 200+ / STRECON 400+ Container

Container design

The STRECON 200+ container and STRECON 400+ container is a unique high-stiffness prestressing tool system of which the winding core is made of tungsten carbide. The use of a carbide core as the inner ring of the stripwound container system ensures a tool stiffness up to 400 GPa. A normal compression ring has an E module of approx. 225 GPa. In addition to the high-stiffness feature, the container itself can take a radial load which is up to twice the level of a normal compression ring. The prestressing container concept is also known as STRECON E+, which refers to the high level of Young’s Modulus.

The STRECON 200+ container is made with the Strip200 material, and the container itself can take up to 200°C for remaining fully elastic. The temperature limit for STRECON 400 container is 400°C.

The specific container design is adjusted to the specific purpose in respect of the production process, tool layout, product materials, hardness, taper angle, etc.

Use in industry

This high-stiffness container type is suitable for cold and warm precision forging and other precision metal forming applications, for example high-precision dies with complex cavities and/or sharp corners. The container system is designed for achieving an optimal balance between radial prestressing and reduced die deflection under process load. The high-stiffness feature can reduce the deflection of the production die up to 30%.

The STRECON container system has proved to be very cost effective in mass production, and usually delivers 25-30% reduction of the tool costs.

Strecon E+.png
Cut model of STRECON E+ Container

Examples of parts.png
Examples of parts suitable for the STRECON E+ Container system