STRECON 200 / STRECON 400 Container

Container design

STRECON 200 and STRECON 400 is a standard stripwound container concept, which offers optimal radial prestressing to the production die. The container has approx. twice the strength of a normal compression ring (i.e. single or double ring). 

The STRECON 200 container is designed for applications up to 200°C, and up to 400°C for the STRECON 400 container. The container design is adjusted to the specific purpose in respect to process, layout, product materials, hardness, taper angle, etc..


Use in industry

This container type is used for cold, warm and hot precision forging and other metal forming applications involving a high internal process pressure. This type of prestressing tool system is most commonly used in the industry including precision forging, deep drawing, bar drawing, forward extrusion, powder compaction, etc.

The STRECON 200 container and the STRECON 400 container is a stronger prestressing tool system than the normal compression rings (i.e. single and double rings). The STRECON container can deliver higher prestressing of the production die without surpassing the yield strength of the container itself, for example 0,8% interference fit. Normal compression rings cannot provide this level of radial support to the production die and would plastically expand or perhaps even crack if pursued. The STRECON container remains fully elastic even at maximum process pressure, and they can be reused several times at the designed level of loadability.

The STRECON container system has proved to be very cost effective in mass production, and usually delivers 25-30% reduction of the tool costs. 

STRECON 200 & 400.png
STRECON 200 / STRECON 400 stripwound container
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Examples of precision forging parts