STRECON Container for High Pressure Synthesis / HPS

Container design

The STRECON container for high-pressure synthesis (HPS) belongs to the belt-type system technology, where the upper and lower anvils ensure the high-pressure load to the synthesis cell in the carbide die. A typical pressure level starts from 55 Kbar but goes up to 100 Kbar in special HPS applications.

Whereas the normal prestressing tool is a multi-ring arrangement (5-7 steel rings assembled and mutually prestressed by heat shrinkage), the STRECON container is made by the stripwinding technique. A special 0,1 mm thick steel strip material is pulled (i.e. prestressed) around an inner steel core of the STRECON container, and this system design requires several thousands of strip layers before reaching the calculated outer diameter of the container system.  

The STRECON container system is up to 100% stronger than conventional multi-ring systems. The superior strength originates from the stripwinding process and the special materials used in the STRECON container. Please consult additional information about the STRECON container technology available on our homepage.

Use in industry

The higher strength of the container itself allows for optimal compressive support of the carbide die used for the different HPS applications. A typical level of interference fit is 1,1 – 1,3%, which is not feasible with the multi-ring system. It would plastically expand, whereas the STRECON container would remain fully elastic and therefore ensure a reliable, consistent and safe tool performance in many years.

The design of the STRECON container is customized in respect to the particular press equipment, HPS processes, die design, and other individual frame conditions. The STRECON container system can be designed up to 100 Kbar in pressure, but the majority of the container systems are designed up to 65-80 Kbar in pressure range.



STRECON can offer a full package including the STRECON container itself for optimal prestressing of the carbide die, STRECON containers for the carbide anvils, intermediate sleeves and wear rings, cooling system for the carbide die and anvils, system for tool alignment, centering and anti-tilt, and system for tool assembly and disassembly. STRECON can build stripwound containers up to ø2200 x H300 mm. The typical container size ranges from Ø1200 – 1500 mm.

HPS m. wear rings.png
STRECON stripwound container for
High-Pressure Synthesis / CBN