Stripwound Tooling:

The stripwound tools are designed as prestressing solutions for different applications, see below:

  • Cold, warm, and hot precision forging

  • Other metal forming applications, e.g. precision bar drawing,
    deep drawing, and power compaction

  • High Pressure Synthesis of industrial diamonds / CBN

  • High-pressure Experiments

  • High-pressure cylinders

The core of STRECON’s delivery is the design and manufacture of the prestressing tool system, which in general terms is marketed as STRECON container.

Often and in combination with the STRECON container solution itself, we design and manufacture other tool components like intermediate sleeves, spacer, pads as well as integrated die cooling, assembly and die setting equipment, steel and carbide dies and punches, etc.  In special projects we design and deliver a complete ready-to-go tool package.


The further information, please consult the information found in Products and Technologies.



Special machinery & equipment solutions:

STRECON is developing and manufacturing special machines and equipment solutions, which can be linked to our technologies or engineering and manufacturing competences.

The list below contains a short description of the different types of product / equipment solutions:

  • Hydraulic press unit for tool assembly and tool setting.

    The press frame is prestressed by stripwinding and allows for a compact equipment design up to 500 metric ton.

  • Machine for robot polishing of tools, molds and other components.

    The polishing machine is available for 2D polishing and in development for 3D polishing.

  • Special machinery and equipment for single customers, which is designed or modified specifically for individual customer needs.

    As examples can be mentioned a production press with a dynamic tool system designed for a special powder compaction and part assembly process, a press system for precision cold sizing of interacting steel profiles, system equipment for horizontal alignment, height positioning and centering of large tools, measuring tool for gear profiles in the wind turbine industry, and others.


Machine and equipment solutions uniquely developed and delivered for single customers cannot be offered to other customers.