Business Philosophy

The origin of STRECON goes back to mid-1970’ties, where Dr. Jens Grønbæk developed the technology of prestressing forging dies by stripwinding at the Technical University of Denmark.
The technology was initially developed for advanced cold forging applications but has over the years been developed and matured for a broad range of stripwound container applications including cold, warm and hot forging, synthesis of industrial diamonds/CBN, high-pressure experiments at universities and research centers, and other high-pressure applications. The technology is also known as the STRECON container system. 

Recently the stripwinding technique has been developed for the prestressing of press frames and applied for a compact tool assembly press.

In addition to the stripwinding technology, STRECON has taken a lead in developing a robot machine system for surface polishing of tools, molds and machine components. The machine system is marketed as RAP – Robot Assisted Polishing.

STRECON is founded on strong niche technologies, and our mission is to offer unique products and equipment solutions for customers in global industries. We engage in different research and development activities, and we have our headquarters and main manufacturing activities in Sonderborg, located in the Southern part of Denmark.

Our customers belong to the leading players in their own industry. They acknowledge the quality and technologies of STRECON’s unique products and industrial equipment solutions. We aim at designing and delivering industrial solutions for mass production needs in favor of the customer’s competiveness and bottom-line profitability.