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JHW - Japan Hardware Co., Ltd.

Japan Hardware, also known as JHW, is a leading developer and manufacturer of segmented carbide die inserts. JHW has obtained its competitive position in due respect of their continuous improvements in product quality and manufacturing methods. The main customers of JHW are companies in the fastener industry (screw & bolt), but they do also manufacture dies, punches, and other wear parts to cold precision forging applications.

STRECON and JHW has been business partners since the early 90's, and we are very proud of being a JHW distributor for segmented dies and other tooling in Europe.  

JHW is a family-owned tool company with their headquarter in Nagoya, and main tool factory in the southern part of Japan (Kagoshima). Please use this direct link to JHW's homepage.

Segmented Dies and Tooling

JHW offers a broad range of products, complete tooling, die inserts, and punches. JHW main products are segmented dies (i.e. the die is split in the stressful corners where premature cracking can be expected). Each die segment is shaped for optimal manufacturing, tool performance, and die life. Air venting holes can be added if required without life shortening side effects. As a result, JHW segmented dies get less wear and a longer service life than solid machined dies.

JHW - Japan Hardware Co Ltd.

JHW offers a broad range of standard products, either as individual dies or as complete tools ready for part making.

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